How We Do It

The products we offer to our customers are designed with the goal of
enhancing the customer’s financial life and helping them build a brighter future.

5 guiding principles direct Essential Lending in all our decisions:

 Keep it


We keep our terms and conditions clear and straightforward. Nothing about the work we do is deliberately complicated or obscured from our customers. Essential Lending operates with transparency and integrity during every step of every transaction.



We offer multiple repayment methods with terms designed to make repayment and overall success as easy as possible.


The Positive!

Unlike many lenders, we always report positive payment history to the credit bureau so that our loans truly serve as an opportunity for our customers to build and improve their credit.

 Build a

Nest Egg!

As each loan is paid off, a percentage of each loan is returned to the customer, which is available in a Nest Egg account. Customers are given the choice to take the money out immediately or to let it grow until they’re borrowing from themselves instead us.



We never deliberately set our customers up to fail. In all decisions, we aim to keep in mind what is reasonable and possible, not only in terms of timely repayment, but also in the ways that we can help customers leverage our services.